We are NeceSera

From the pastel hues of the European architecture to the color blocking of the spring blossoms, and the intricacies of Moroccan tiles, we take inspiration from everything around us. We want to bring these colors, ideas and designs into your lives in the form of comfortable clothing. Necesera finds its strength in curating designs from Europe to bring together a perfect collection for you. It’s soft touch and feel makes it inevitable to step out of it. You can sit, sleep or stretch in our multitasking clothes for the multitasker in you.


Atelier of Comfort & Design

For every fabric we select, we reject 50, because we have a special fetish for quality. After a hard day’s hustle, don’t worry if you forget to stop and think about yourself, because that’s what we do.
Comfort zone. That’s what we stand for – we provide you a personalised comfort zone through our garments. Be you, be confident and be comfortable in every sphere of life.


Beautiful Clothes, Beautiful Environment

We want to make a difference, a difference in your lives, a difference in the environment. We use waterless digital printing, to reduce water consumption in the printing process. This also helps us considerably reduce the chemical waste generated as well as the electricity consumed. A greener workplace is our initiative to a greener world.

Cozy. Versatile. Sustainable.
We are there for you, at every step.