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Beauty that lasts forever

Hello girls!

When we say hello, we are addressing all you beautiful women returning home after a hectic day! Work, school, college and blah blah blah, we all have our daily life schedule to deal with. We know that the entire world’s weight is on our tiny shoulders, but what now? As you tag along, spare a couple of minutes before jumping into bed with your favourite night suit on, and give a good shot at the mirror.

Yes, here you are looking perfect and beautiful and ready to kick ass.

But, hold on. Although we are blessed with everything, now is the time to take care of our skin so that we are still the center of attention when we hit 70’s!

Here are some simple night care regimes which can work wonders for us. They don’t require much effort, all you need is a hair topknot and you’re ready to go!

1. Almond oil – Take a few drops of almond oil on your pam and rub it softly around the outer circle of your eyes and eyebrows. Make sure to use the ring finger as it lets minimal weight on your skin, considering the extra sensitiveness of the under eye area, which is around 40 times thinner than our regular facial skin. Applying this oil regularly at night around the eyes will improve and maintain the quality of the skin along with diminishing any signs of wrinkles. We all aspire for that thick kylie eyebrows. While makeup always works, don’t you want to look gorgeous right after a face fash? Applying this oil regularly on your eyebrows and eyelashes will thicken them and make them darker than ever before! All you need is a bottle of almond oil and no other additional effort!

Almond oil

2. Serum – This is a can’t-miss step! They say that the skin cell renewal is the fastest at night. While you sleep, your cells work their hardest to restore, repair and regenerate themselves. Serums help them fight external aggressors and accelerate the repair process to help fake the eight hours sleep when you actually got only six hours of sleep!

Beauty that lasts forever

3. Face Pack – Yes, this may require some effort, but, we promise its absolutely worth it! Simple and effective, take three teaspoons of curd and add honey and churned chandan paste to it. Mix it well and apply on your face for 10 minutes. Wash off to a fresh and cleaner skin. You can apply such packs thrice a week to see maximum benefits. If homemade packs take a lot of time and effort, buy different styles of packs from the market and apply them.

Aloe Vera Facial Mask Woman

4. Under Eye creams – Under eye dark sports steal away the fresh look from your face. To replace undernourished under eye skin with firmness, feed them with some under eye cream every night before going to sleep for a happier complexion! Night creams which containhyaluronic acid are the best as they plump and hydrate the under-eye area.

Aamazing Benefits of using Night Creams

5. Brush your basics – Lastly, brush up your basics. There are two basics to night care regime which we tend to forget but our parents kept haunting us for the same since childhood. Let’s rewind and remind ourselves! A think layer of night cream will show long term benefits. Do not compromise on the quality and brand of the night creams as that can really affect your skin. Regular application of night creams rejuvenates the skin and assures glow. Secondly, brush your teeth twice a day, morning night to make your smile attract people from far away. Sparkling white teeth enhance your personality and helps you get rid of any kind of additional dental care.

This is the way to go girls!

Let’s start with these simple and important tips for sometime and feel the changes. Do get back to us if you have a feedback by emailing us on We will come back again with more tips, so stay tuned! Signing off for the day, Happy weekend!