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Best Gifts For Your Sister This Rakhi

Rakhi is almost around the corner, and it is time for all brothers to find that perfect Rakhi gift for their sister. Nowadays, people usually just hand over cash for Rakhi. As convenient as that might be, giving cash is never personal. If the sister can go through the effort of buying a nice Rakhi and buying her brothers favourite chocolates, why shouldn’t a brother buy her a nice gift? So here are some of the best gifts you as a brother can get for your sister this Rakhi.

1. Customized cupcakes

Every girl loves cupcakes, and food is the best gift a girl can get. Forget diamonds being a girl’s best friends, dessert is a girl’s real best friend. Order some customized cupcakes for your sister this Rakhi. You could get a pack of six or eight or twelve cupcakes and customize each one with something your sister loves. If your sister likes makeup or reading or watching Netflix …you get the idea… get different things she loves made on each cupcake. If you’re a guy who loves to bake, then this is the most personal gift you could get your sister!

2. A non cliché bouquet

Don’t give her a bouquet of flowers, that is just too cliché. Instead, order a bouquet of chocolate! A lot of companies are making bouquets of chocolates, so order one for your sister which includes her favourite chocolates. In fact, some bakeries even make cupcake bouquets so you could order something like that for her. If your sister does like flowers, you can get her a bouquet of fake flowers which she can place in her room – at least fake flowers will last her a lifetime.

3. Gift her a surprise

Every girl loves a surprise, and with gift vouchers, you can give her the gift of a surprise with a choice! You could give her a gift card from her favourite makeup store. If she is not into makeup, then maybe a gift voucher from her favourite clothing store. You could even gift her a little handmade gift voucher which has leaflets like ‘lunch date’ and ‘shopping spree’ which you can take her for whenever she chooses to use her voucher. If your sister loves travelling, gift her a paid vacation for 2 (make sure she takes you along) to whichever city she really loves.

4. Personalised momento’s

Every girl loves personalized gifts, so why not give your sister something personalized? You could create a calendar for her which has pictures of her and her friends. You could even gift a makeup pouch or a passport cover with her name engraved on it. There are so many things you can get personalized – cushion covers with her picture on it, a gym sipper with her name, customized handmade chocolates or even a  set of monogrammed towels.

5. Stylish sleepwear

Desserts and personalized gifts aside, every girl loves and needs her sleep. So why not gift your sister a really stylish pajama set? You can buy her a pajama set with pandas or puppies if she loves animals. If your sister cannot get out of bed without a cup of coffee, get her a pajama set that says ‘I need coffee’. You get the idea. A striped or floral pajama set is always a classic for any girl. Just get here a pajama set which totally suits her personality. That way, she will be comfortable and stylish even when she is going to sleep.

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