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Chocolate says “I love You” so much better than words

As the clock strikes you awake from your dearly dreams, you know its time for you to kick start your day. In no time we find ourselves in tune with our regular work schedule. In this hustle bustle of our everyday life, little are we able to take out time for ourselves and for the others.

On the 7th of July, as the world relished scrumptious delicacies customised in flavours of chocolate, Team NeceSera, decided to land up at the doorstep of a bundle of happiness.

bundle of happiness

Oh Yes, they were definitely curious. Those tiny eyes popped wide open when they saw a young girl walk in with lots of boxes of something… at this point their minds and eyes were totally engrossed trying to figure out what was happening around them. Their expressive faces, sparked with curiosity, irreplaceable innocence and child like smirk. Something was cooking up, and these brilliant minds were in for a guess.

A gush of happiness lit their faces when our team unleased boxes of chocolates and distributed them personally to each of the hundred kids present in the room. These little four-year- old children belonged to a small village by the name of Begampur Balwadi, studying at the Basti Vikas Kendra in Delhi.

Chocolates express deep love and affection towards someone special. It is a symbol of enhancing friendship and most importantly to tell someone how much you care for them. This message was warmly conveyed to the kids who couldn’t help rejoicing over it, especially after a busy first week of school.

Nothing can ever replace that smile and sense of belongingness which flushed their face. Shy at first, these kids opened up very soon and in no time were playing games with our team.

And after all it was FRI – YAY. A perfect closure to a heavy hardworking week and a grand welcome the lazy yet fun weekend.

This was a day of celebration of love for all humanity and spreading joy and happiness to the less fortunate. It was a very humble endeavour and quite an enriching one.

It was quite a contently and happy day immersed in lots of fun. As our team bid farewell to the smiling faces, who had already developed a bond with us over a chocolate surprise, we promised to visit them again super soon.

Sometimes its the little moments in life that we often tend to miss out. But after all, it is the little things in life that matter the most. So cherish them as long as you live, and make the most out of them.

Bundle of Happiness

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