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Did you know about the quirkiest and simplest solution for mood swings?

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simplest solution for mood swings

Have you ever imagined entering your home to the most blissful fragrance, which promises to take away all the inertia and replace it by an overwhelming experience of nourishing all senses?

Defined in a single word, its called Aromatherapy. Its all a play of hormones, especially for a woman.

The right choice of scented candles can lift up your mood, positively affect your physical and mental well being, along with enriching your personal life.

From waking up in the morning to a fresh energy created by essential oils to returning back home from shopping, work or excessive sunshine to a refreshing and active homely experience, these scented candles can work wonders for your daily routine.

simplest solution for mood swings 2

Fit and Fabulous

If you are a happy and calm person, go for Tangerine and Vanilla flavoured fragrances. They relax your body and mind and let you free of any stress apart from invigorating and brightening the mood of a room.

Oh hello, Einstein!

Do you have a big project that needs to be completed? Are relationship problems taking a toll over your brains? To keep that mastermind working, burn a cinnamon candle in your space. They enhance your mental focus and boosts up creative thinking. Perfect for all age groups, these candles can bring alive the Einstein in you!

Pick me up

When you’re tired after a hectic day, but you better keep going because you have a party to attended, a pine, clove, peppermint, lemon, or patchouli scented candle is all you need. Used as a ‘pick me up’ scent, it can also be used at early mornings when your body refuses to move out of the bed to kick start your routine. They fight fatigue and instil a feeling of excitement and activeness in your system. An energy booster, required by all the multitasking women.

simplest solution for mood swings 3

Hormonal drama

Rose comes with its exceptional ability to relax a person and help a woman balance out her hormones with its ultra calming benefit.

A date to remember

To set in an aroma of romance, candles with patchouli, orange, or Ylang Ylang scents combined with a romantic playlist can let you enjoy a wonderful date night at home itself.

Sleepless nights

Sleep troubles is the most commonly faced problem amongst all age groups. Did you ever feel that you’ll ever get a solution to that other than heavy dosage? Burning chamomile, lavender, sandalwood, or neroli scented candles before bedtime promises a sound and peaceful sleep.

Immerse yourself into a candle light bubble bath to give away all your stress to these candles and enjoy the moment with yourself. These scents have a wonderful effect on nerves and calms you down!

They are a simple way to add a personalised special touch to your days and nights by creating an atmosphere that stimulates the senses. Many moods and negative emotions are lifted by fragrances that are introduced into the environment.

You can also use it in different forms such as diffusers, aroma melts warmers, incense, sprays and hanging sachets in closets, apart from scented candles.

If you enjoyed reading this, stay tuned with NeceSera to savour some more interesting ideas which add a topping of chocolate to your vanilla days!

chocolate to your vanilla days