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Diwali Gifting with NeceSera

This new season brings in a new energy and liveliness with it. Along with it comes in the shenanigans of gifting. This Diwali, bond with your near and dear ones, with NeceSera. We bring to you a special night suit for your special person!

1. Mothers

Super Chill mom

Some of us are born out of some really super cool and chic mums who are more like our best friends than our sisters. Along with the same taste preferences, you generally end up with twinning style goals! For such a tip top, updated and chill mom/ mom in laws, why not gift them something which you both can wear at the same time and look equally stunning?

Super Chill mom

The NeceSera Barcelona pyjamas, amped up with several fun filled goodies like a trending highlighter or a quirky hand bag can really impress your mom and especially mother in law!

Simple yet classy

For a simple mother, she may like her wardrobe and house to be minimal yet unique. She will be more impressed with something ethereal, classic and absolutely enriching. The classic NeceSera Sundower pyjama’s are a treat to the eyes and the body. They will come out as the most appropriate gift for your mother!


2. Sisters

Younger sister

Younger sisters are much more demanding than you could ever think of. But after all, they are your absolute sweethearts who you could do anything for! Chocolates, earrings, bracelets, lipstick etc. are something which you can gift them as per their tastes. Add these up with a pair of Necesera Snooze pyjama’s which can really lit that bright smile across her face, which you have been yearning for!

Younger sister

Elder sister

Calm and protective elder sisters hardly expect an act of kindness from their younger ones. This Diwali, why not prove your cuteness to them by surprising her with a pair of comfortable, quirky and soft Wanderlust night suit. A simple yet most exciting gift for her, which will remind her of you every time before sleeping and after waking up!

Elder sister

3. Granny

Up to the mark

Some grannies are really choosy and like their gifts to be on point. They have a particular sense of taste and like things up to perfection. The grey track pants with the side piping can be absolutely cherished by a granny who loves simple and classic clothing. Soft, and stretchy, this nightsuit set will help your granny have a peaceful and happy sleep, full of sweet dreams.

Grey Trackpants

Chill and cool

Some grannies like newness, and tend to get bored of the old. They like to wear something trendy and updated so that they look stunning. They wish to wear clothes which make them look young and beautiful. The Hawaiian holiday pyjamas add a dash of colour, vibrancy and youthfulness to the entire look of a person. Such a nightsuit set will be adored by your granny. Some beauty products like a moisturizer with a fruity fragrance might win her heart as well!


4. Wife

Sweet and cute

You know you have to make the gift really special for your wife. If your wife is more of the sweet and cute kind of a person who will be happy by any special act of love, a delicate pyjama set can really strike a chord in her heart.  If she’s a fan of all flowery and pink elements, the frenzy drama pyjama’s will ace her day!


Fun and Fussy

If your wife is very particular about her colour choices, materials, tastes and requirements, you should definitely gift her the Explorer pyjama’s. Loved by all, these pyjamas are a classic pair of colours and prints. It will keep her relaxed and comfortable in her own skin!

Fun and Fussy

Necesera makes sure to add a bit of quirk laughter and fun to whosoever it reaches, making your Diwali more lit than ever before. Stay tuned to us and email us at for any information!