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How To Stand Out With Your Diwali Gifts: A Guide For Unique Gifting

Diwali is a festival where everyone is merrily going to each other’s houses to give gifts. Traditionally, these gifts are either boxes of dry fruit, mithai or store bought gift hampers. By the end of it, people are just passing each other’s gifts on because everyone is just giving the same thing. Not that we’re supporting breaking tradition, but maybe, just maybe, this Diwali you could gift your friends, family and loved ones some cherishable and personal gifts which they will all love. Here are our top picks!

1. Handmade chocolates to embrace traditions

If you’re the kind who doesn’t want to break away from tradition, we recommend handmade chocolate barks. Since these chocolates are handmade, we can guarantee that they will be something unique and definitely delicious. You could order custom made chocolate barks from Cocoa Bark Series. You could get handmade chocolates with dry fruit toppings to really stick to the Diwali tradition. For Diwali, Cocoa Bark Series will be doing customised boxes (each box contains 200 grams with the chocolate of your choice) as well as half kg dark chocolate cakes or chocolate mousse pies.

2. Personalised gift hampers to show your love

We’re all fed up of those store bought gift hampers – let’s just accept that. Instead of making no effort and buying a store bought hamper, why not create your own hamper? And if you don’t have the time or the inclination to create your own hamper, why not ask The Style Salad for help? At Style Salad, you can either pick out pre-made personal hampers or create your own – a pretty, personal and perfect gift. At least with a personalized hamper, your friends and family will feel like you make an effort to get them something unique; something that they can enjoy.

3. Candles to light up their homes

Since Diwali is the festival of lights, we love the idea of gifting candles! Elvy has a great selection of candles which are the perfect combination of style and luxury. You could gift these beautiful and unique Elvy candles t your friends and family this Diwali to really light up their homes. From basic candles to embellished candles, from candle holders to candle sets, you can order it all. We absolutely love this stunning collection, and your friends and family will too.

4. Pajama sets for a happy and bright vibe

We think pajama sets are a great Diwali gift. Why, you ask? Because pajama sets are cute, quirky, long lasting and essential for Indian winters, especially North Indian winter. Depending on the person’s style and personality, you could gift pajamas with cartoons, palm trees, pandas, stripes or whatever you like. Pajamas are a great gift for your close girlfriends on Diwali because what’s better than getting into your cute cosy pajamas after a long night of playing cards? Plus, who doesn’t love adorable, comfortable and loveable pajamas?

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