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Pizza – Pajama Party ideas for the weekend shenanigans!


Seize the day, boys. Make your lives extraordinary.”

Well, lets just replace boys with girls, and day with night.

Aren’t you bored of the gloomy weekends at home? Give your weekends a homely twist with a sleepover reunion. The slumber shenanigans are on its way, and this time with a much fun filled blast than ever before. As the next weekend hits, plan your pizza pyjama party with some interesting activities, so that its forever etched in your heart as the most cherished nights!

1. Burnouts:

Do you remember that popular episode from the popular TV series, F.R.I.E.N.D.S where they conduct an official burnout of old boyfriend memories on Valentine’s day? What can be better than you and your friends getting together and chucking out some old embarrassing memories, having some deep conversations and rewinding of things which you don’t want to carry forward with you in the future. Ask between yourselves, the 31 questions when you have no idea where your life is heading. Sort out the mess together and move ahead to a brighter start! Make a new bucket list, together!

2. Pizzas and Movies:

Every pizza is a personal pizza if you believe in yourself!

Pizzas and Movies

Let’s keep the party rolling as we open the doors to large pizza boxes with an extra dosage of oregano. The most clichéd yet loyal partnership is that of pizza and movies. You just can’t get enough of it! Thriller, romance or comedy, choose your favourite genre and go for it! While you snuggle in under your blankets and stay gripped to the screen, you are already creating a wonderful bonding memory!

The Popcorn App (free, free, free) can be downloaded from the app store which lets you scroll through a huge movie parade, TV shows and lots more varieties to choose from, other than what Netflix offers. Switch on to a full on movie marathon mode!

3. The Game Parade:

Say a big YES to new adventures. It’s time to lay down some fun games, while you sip in your favourite drink. Twister, the classic game that ties you up in knots. From being a kid, to a young adult, this game aces itself as the most fun filled game, exciting all age groups and letting them have a blast.

Board games like Catan, Carcassonne, the trending, Game of Thrones board game are fun packed. Games like treasure hunt involves bonding to a whole new level. Uno, Poker and Cluedo make for some remarkable game ideas. Play damsharas with a twist – instead of asking movie guessing questions, how about one describes the traits of your friends, and you try to guess it? Add a personalised touch to Damsharas like reverse charades and others. Quiz your best friends on some random things which they must know about you! Games like heads up is still touched base by adults, especially celebrities. Make some brilliant cues and play heads up with your buddies. Catch phrases, minute to win it are some inevitable game ideas for sleepovers! Last time, Alia Bhatt plays this game with her father on Vogue Bffs episode! The popular Ellen DeGeneres Show also made it a big hit.

The Game Parade

4. Gaming Apps:

These apps are a must downloader before you head out for the pizza pajama party. Check out these 5 badass villainous gaming app! Heads up, Kings, The Moron Test, Never Have I Ever and Don’t screw Up. This digital dosage of fun packed drama is a bedtime essential.

5. Home spa:

If you’re spending the night with your favourite girlies, you might as well do something all girls love to do – give each other a makeover! It’s a lot of fun combined with interaction, and you might also pick up a tip or two from others. Carry face masks and your basic makeup pouch and play on a crazy playlist while you’e at it.

Lastly, live up to the only rule for a sleepover: Do not sleep before you see the sun rising! After all, what’s better than sunshine mixed with a little hurricane? Happy Sleepover!