Aishwarya Majumdar


They're HEAVEN! And I'm genuinely not exaggerating. The material is so comfortable, and the fit is also so perfect!

Mariyam Khatri

I love them! And they fit really well! (For the Wander Woman Track Pants)

Griva Rukhana

Hey I received them yest wore them last night slept like a baby, They are super comfy love them, Thank you ordering more soon!!

Dr. Priyanka Pasari

I received the parcel yesterday, Thanks for the quick delivery, Loved the color and fit.

Archita Agarwal

Founder, Cacao Pods

They’re too comfortable! I sleep in them and sometimes do yoga in them too!

Shreya Dalmia

The pajama is so so so so so comfortable. I’m never coming out of them!

Devika Goenka

Love love love it! It’s sooo comfy!

Mitali Wadhwa

Founder, The Pink Post Inc

This is best thing I’ve seen all day and the fabric is yum!


The fabric of the night suit is wonderful, and it’s great to sleep in.

Kusha Kapila

Fashion Editor, iDiva

Loved the pajamas. The comfiest night suit I have ever owned, and this is an honest review.

Sanchi Gilani


By far the comfiest pajamas!

Surbhi Chaudhry


Received my first NeceSara night suit yesterday and absolutely loved it! It’s so soft and comfy, I almost don’t want to get out of it in the morning!

Riddhi Parikh

Hey! I love ittt.. will call for more stuff soon. They’re really comfy, wore it for breakfast!

Meghna Nair

I love them! *lovestruck*


Wow, I just tried it on and the comfort level is beyond amazing! So happy with the order, thank you!

Madhavi Swarup

Founder, Studio 51

The stuff is so nice, I loved it! I wore it at night and it’s the best night suit I have even worn.

Apeksha Gupta

Founder, The right brained

This is killer stuff! You are going to make it so big with this, and bookmarks *lovestruck* This is gorgeous man. And the sets are amazing. Loved it! And so nicely packed! Love love love!

Pooja Gulati

Please keep updating your new collection, love your stuff! All the best

Rhea Kothari

Thank you so much for the sweatshirt, it’s really soft and warm, and so so comfortable to wear!!


Website Developer

My wife ordered a set yesterday, which she got today. Thank you for the super fast delivery and stuff is amazing. She said it fits amazingly well.

Lavina Sanghvi

I simply love it! It’s brilliant and super comfy!

Garima Bindal

Fashion Designer

Perfect for a weekend getaway, the most comfy and the cutest pajamas from NeceSera

Shivangi Singh

Founder ShyStyleKarma

The BEST nightsuit fabric ever. So comfortable! And the Stay Weird Print is the coolest, I love it!

Sonal Jindal


Thank you, love them all!

Ayati Walia

LOVED THEM! Super comfy!!

Rupanki Agarwal

Totally love your creativity! I feel like keeping it on all day and night, need to order more for myself.