Versatile loungers in Never-getting-out-of-this comfort. Pure Bliss.

Let's Stay Home Collection

Luxury. Comfort. Joy. Let's stay home with NeceSera

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Working from home never felt so cozy.

Pajama Sets

We make buttery-soft loungewear

Eco Friendly Digital Printing

Extra Soft Modal & Pima Cotton Fabrics

Designed in Europe

Ideal for Multi-Tasking

Wardrobe essential for all Body Types & Age Groups

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I simply love it! It’s brilliant and super comfy!

Lavina Sanghvi, New Delhi

Loved the pajamas. The comfiest night suit I have ever owned, and this is an   honest review. 

Kusha Kapila, Gurgaon

The BEST nightsuit fabric ever. So comfortable! And the Stay Weird Print is the coolest, I love it!

Shivangi Singh, Mumbai

By far the comfiest pajamas!

Saanchi Gilani, Mumbai

They’re too comfortable! I sleep in them and sometimes do yoga in them too!

Archita Agarwal, New Delhi

The pajama is so so so so so comfortable. I’m never coming out of them!

Shreya Dalmia

This is best thing I’ve seen all day and the fabric is yum! 

Mitali Wadhwa, New Delhi

It’s so comfy, I can live in it. All my life. 

It’s heavenly and the print is so yummy and loungeyyy

Avani Saharia, Kolkata

For me it’s the happy girl set, and it was something I thought at first glance would be the most unlikely choice as I don’t really give off the “happy go lucky” girl vibe as I know too much of life, yet, being around spunky, vibrant happy things and people keeps me happy. First step towards happiness, be around happiness.

Loveeee the new collection placing my order now 💙

Divya Gupta, New Delhi

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