A fabric that hails from our innovation-led atelier is a mini-waffle fabric with a 3D texture with a flat back that softly soothes the skin. Other than the fact that it is so easy to style, the manufacturing marvel is highly absorbent & breathable, as it allows easy airflow through its porous cotton weave. The comfort is matched with enough structure for the garments to flatter, making it a go-to for loungewear & travel wear alike. 
A blend of Modal, Cotton, Nylon & Spandex cleaner fabric choice that we honestly just can’t get enough of. Crafted to make one feel like they can literally fly, Bamboo Terry is the ideal go-to for the long months of an Indian summer. Combining its ultra-soft touch with thermoregulatory properties, the resulting loungewear is breathable and cool, literally. The bamboo material has naturally strong fibers that make the fabric long-lasting, guaranteeing our silhouettes a permanent spot in your wardrobe. 
100% Cotton Terry
A must-have for cotton lovers, the 100% Cotton Terry is a material that your wardrobe will welcome with open arms. Pure cotton is woven in a specialized manner to result in a fabric that is soft, cozy, and surprisingly durable! The garments can be donned all day long from an air-conditioned room to the sunny outdoors with absolute ease. From showing no wear & tear to wicking away moisture, the cotton terry is a breezy choice you can’t miss out on. 
The best of the best is all we’ll say when it comes to Sunspun! Crafted with quality Supima cotton that’s grown in the US, our deliciously soft loungewear is a first-of-its-kind in India. Supima is not only seriously soft but is also superior in matters of strength & colour retention. It has 35% longer fibres which makes it 45% stronger than regular cotton, creating a fabric that is considerably stronger and pill-free. If that wasn’t enough, it takes on colour well and retains it as easily, making the garments brighter for a long-time to come. Once you experience Supima with us, you will never go back! 
A blend of Modal & Spandex With its combination of comfort, sustainability, and aesthetic appeal, modal fabric is the perfect choice for summers and winters alike. Modal is known for its cooling and breathable nature, which feels just like second skin when worn. 
A blend of Modal, Cotton, Nylon & SpandexCrafted from an in-house developed tri-blend fabric that is breathable, crease-free, and holds structure so well that it is perfect for effortless traveling and day-to-night styling. The versatility and durability of this fabric comes from the unique combination of 3 fabrics. 
Your go-to for winter warmth and insulating comfort. Crafted from a premium blend of polyester and spandex, our fleece fabric not only keeps you irresistibly warm during the coldest days but also ensures easy versatility in your winter wardrobe. Its intelligent thermoregulation adapts to your body temperature, providing optimal comfort and durability. Whether layered or worn solo, our fleece essentials bring together fashion and function, allowing you to embrace winter with cozy confidence and chic flair. Elevate your cold-weather style effortlessly with Necesera's WinterMuse – where warmth meets elegance.
100% Cotton
Discover the unparalleled comfort and enduring durability of our 100% Cotton fabric. Meticulously crafted with attention to detail, our fabric embodies the essence of pure luxury. Immerse yourself in the soft, breathable embrace of high-quality cotton, creating a sensation of ultimate comfort against your skin. Beyond its gentle touch and hypoallergenic properties, our 100% cotton fabric stands the test of time, showcasing remarkable durability that withstands everyday wear and multiple washes. Explore long-lasting comfort with the unmatched quality, simplicity, and longevity of this fabric.