5 productive things to do while you

5 productive things to do while you’re in a lazy pajama vibe 


Don’t you just love those days when you wake up and do nothing but lounge around in your pajamas? You wake up in pajamas; have a shower just to change into a pair of fresh pajamas – the good life! You just want to sit around all day, sipping your coffee and doing nothing at all. Except, by the evening you feel like you’ve just wasted a whole lot of time. Well, not anymore! Here are 5 productive things for you to do while you’re sitting in your pajamas, so you never feel like you wasted a day.

  1. Meditate without motion

Meditation is great for your mind, body and soul. It relaxes you, rejuvenates you and helps you think clearly. Whenever you’re sitting around idle, use that time to meditate for ten minutes. You can even download an app for the same. Nothing, and I mean nothing, will make you feel this calm and clear headed.



  1. Remember to pamper

Apply a face mask the next time you’re lounging around. You can follow this with a homemade face pack or some store bought facial products – whatever you like. You can even give yourself a pedicure, or maybe make a body scrub from scratch and apply it. Trust me, your body will thank you for this!


  1. Read up

Use this lazy day to gain some knowledge. You can start by reading a book – it’s the best way to build your vocabulary and sharpen your mind.  Self-help, fiction, non-fiction, autobiographical, educational – there is so much variety when it comes to reading! If you’re not into books, you could watch an educational documentary on Netflix or read up about the same online. There are so many ways to broaden your horizons!



  1. To-do or not to-do

Make a to-do list. It could be for the week, the month or even for the year. You might not be feeling very productive during your lazy day. But you could use this to set a productive and focused mode for the future. Plus, this way you’ll never feel like you wasted a day – which is always a great feeling after a lazy day.



  1. Bring out your inner chef

Sometimes the lazy pajama vibe brings with it a mood for comfort food. And what is better comfort food than homemade delicacies? Try your hand at cooking or baking – it is a great way to satisfy your cravings without thinking about the calories. You can make cakes, muffins, pasta, pizza… you’re the chef!



Another added advantage of being productive during when you’re in a lazy pajama vibe? Cute pictures for social media to show off how you spent a lazy day. You can have a look at some cute pajamas on our website, to make your lazy day happier and funkier!