Do your bed sheets matter?

Do your bed sheets matter?

Realistically, what is the main factor you consider before buying a bed sheet? It is pretty? Does it go with my room decor? Is it soft? You buy a bed sheet for its feel-good factor; because once you’ve changed into your ladies nightwear you just want to get into pretty sheets which feel soft. But, is it the feel-good factor helping you get a good night’s sleep? Not really. What matters when it comes to bed sheet is the material. A good quality bed sheet must be breathable, soft and made out of natural materials.

Always opt for cotton

When you shop for womens pajamas, you always look for cotton pajamas. That is because cotton is the most breathable fabric, and because your mom always told you to sleep in cotton. When you’re sleeping, you want a bed sheet that will let your skin breathe instead of sticking to your body. Always opt for superior quality cottons such as Pima or Egyptian cotton. These cottons have longer fibers which mean that they will feel softer for longer. If you find these superior cottons too expensive, you can also opt for polycotton bed sheets. But do try to remember that bed sheets are an investment for good sleep. Even linen bed sheets are great for summer because they are very breathable. However, linen bed sheets will wrinkle very quickly.

Always look at the finish

First, look at the basic finishing of the bed sheet. Ribbons and borders might look very cute on your womens pajamas, but ribbons and borders on a bed sheet can be very disturbing while you’re sleeping. These ribbons tend to poke you and irritate your skin while you sleep, so the chances are you will not get a good night’s rest. Also, notice the overall finishing. Sometimes, bed sheets come with chemical finishes to prevent creasing or to make sure they don’t lose their shape. Some people can get allergic reactions to these chemicals. Do remember that you spend at least one-third of your day in bed – make sure your bed is a safe zone. Always opt for pure and organic finish bed sheets to ensure your bed sheets are chemical free. The more natural your bed sheets, the more natural (and better) you’ll sleep.

 Always wash your sheets

Don’t you throw your night suit for a wash every second or third day? So what makes you think that bed sheets don’t need to be washed as frequently? You should throw your bed sheets for a wash at least once a week. Imagine if you wore the same ladies night wear to sleep in every single day for a week – it will start to feel sweaty and slightly smelly. Well, that is the same logic with bed sheets. You sleep in the bed sheets all night long so they tend to absorb sweat and other bodily fluids. Sometimes, dirty bed sheets can be a major cause for acne and skin breakouts. If you have just bought a set of new bed sheets, make sure you wash them at least once if not twice to remove all the irritants and foreign particles that could have made their way into the packaging.

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