Exercises you can do in bed

Exercises You Can Do In Bed 

When we think exercise, we think gym. The thought of exercising means the reality of taking out time to workout, making the effort to go to the gym, actually spending an hour doing an intense workout and waking up the next day with aches and cramps. Now, to some people this might sound amazing – referring to the gym fanatics out there. But for some, this is too much of an effort. Don’t you wish you could exercise in the comfort of your cute pajamas (like Necesera pajamas… maybe?)? So, to solve your first world problems here are some exercises you can do in the comfort of your bed!

  1. Hip raises

This works on your hips, butt and thighs. Lie on your back and bend your knees. Raise your butt up by using your head and shoulders as support (see the image below for reference). Raise your left leg and bring it towards your head and do the same with the right leg. Continue alternating.



  1. Reverse crunches

This works on your lower abs and thighs. Lie straight on your back with your arms against your body. Lift your legs up, bring them towards your chest while lifting your back slightly. You can even do this exercise by placing your feet together to form a diamond shape and then raising your feet over your hips.



  1. Dolphin planks

This works on your arms, abs and core. Get into the plank position to start this exercise. Get on your toes and raise your hips up in the air. Pause, release and repeat again. You can do a simple plank and hold for one minute if this variation is too tough for you.



  1. Lateral leg raises

This works on your inner thighs and legs. Lay on any one side, with your body as straight as possible. Put one arm on your side and let one arm support your head. Raise your top leg slowly and return back to the original position which is with your hips one on top of the other. Repeat on the other side too.



  1. Bicycle crunch

This works on your core and abs.  Lay on your back with your hands behind your head. As you lift the right knee up, try to make your left elbow touch your knee. When you lift your left knee, touch with the right elbow. Keep alternating.



  1. Superman (lying down)

This works on your back muscles and hamstrings. Lie on your stomach and extend your arms in front of you. Then slowly raise your arms up and at the same time lift your legs. Once your arms and legs are off the ground, pause and hold for 5 seconds. Then release and repeat.