Gift your sister the luxury of sleep

This Rakhi, Gift Your Sister The Luxury Of Sleep

As per Rakhi tradition, the bothers are supposed to give their sisters a Rakhi gift. Usually, a brother hands over an envelope full of cash as the Rakhi gift. Now that might work for most of the time, because thinking of a gift for your sister is pretty difficult. Yes, girls can be very picky and brothers think that their sisters are the pickiest and most indecisive human beings on the planet. All true. But imagine this – gift your sister the luxury of sleep. Who doesn’t love sleep? Name one person!

So instead of giving your sister the usual gift like chocolates or perfumes, why not gift her a good night’s sleep? Now you can’t actually gift your sister some sleep, but we have something that is pretty similar. At Necesera, we create fashionable and comfortable womens sleepwear. So instead of frantically looking online to find that perfect gift for your sister, why not just gift her one of our handpicked pajama sets. Clueless brothers, to make your life easier, and also so that you don’t have to ask yourself ‘What should I give my sister for Rakhi?’ – here are our top picks!

  1. For the sister who is always ready to eat

This pajama set is perfect if your sister is a total foodie. Or if she loves her coffee. Or if she loves going out for brunch. And if she’s a foodie who needs her coffee more than loves her coffee, then you have just found the perfect gift. This night suit will make your sister feel like you totally get her!


  1. For the sister who loves animals


Most girls love animals, almost every girl loves Unicorns and Pandas. If your sister is the kind who owns Panda stuff toys, phone covers with Pandas and her favourite movie is Kung Fu Panda – then you just found the right gift for her. This perky Panda pajama is a hit with every girl.


  1. For the sister who loves her girl power


If your sister is all about ‘fries before guys’ and is a feminist, then this shorts set will be great for her. These are even apt for the sister who cannot imagine wearing a pair of jeans in summer. These girl power shorts are going to make your sister fall in love with sleeping.


  1. For the sister who is totally girly


To be fair, every girl loves florals. But this pajama set will probably be appreciated more if your sister is a total girly-girl. So if you’ve ever heard your sister say she loves pink, then this is the one for her. Your sister loves pretty things, so she will definitely love these.