Self-care In The First 15 Minutes Of Waking Up 

Every person has a different morning routine. Usually it consists of waking up, getting dressed and eating breakfast. This is followed by a mundane routine of travelling to work, working, travelling back and getting ready to sleep for a new day of work. So where is the time for self-care? If you’re going to say I don’t have the time for self-care, here are some things you can do as soon as you wake up squeeze in some self-care in your busy daily routine.

  1. Drink warm water with honey and lemon

Many websites claim you should drink different concoctions as soon as you wake up. Our recommendation is warm water with one whole lemon and a teaspoon of honey. Not only does this help in digestion, it also boosts your metabolism. This is essentially a sort of daily detox. Also, the lemon helps improve skin by making it clearer and brighter.

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  1. Meditate for a few minutes

Meditation is a form of self-care for the mind, body and soul. Meditation is a way towards a healthier lifestyle, improved concentration and clarity of mind. It is known to boost performance, reduce stress and increase happiness. All you need to do is take out 5 minutes of your time in the morning – it’s that simple. For a sense of pampering, make a face pack at home and apply it while you’re meditating for a glowing mind and skin.



  1. Make a mental to-do list

Even if this sounds like a work-o-olic thing more than self-care, that isn’t the case. By making a to-do list in your head you can stay alert and focused all day. When you’re not sure of what it is you have to do during the day, or when you start forgetting what you have to do, that’s when you start getting frustrated. So when you have a list ready, you have peace of mind.



  1. Squeeze in a morning workout

Research indicates that morning cardio is one of the best forms of exercise. By waking up 15 minutes earlier than you normally would, you can squeeze in a 15 minute workout. A morning workout will elevate your heart rate, boost your metabolism and improve your mood. You could do some yoga, or 5 sets of surya namaskar, maybe ride a stationary bike or do some aerobic exercises to start off your morning right!


This form of self-care is so easy; you could do it in your pajamas. Use Necesera pajamas for best results (just kidding).