What Does Your Sleepwear Style Say About You?

What Does Your Sleepwear Style Say About You?

Let’s start by saying that what you wear to bed says a lot about you. But does it really? Some of us just throw on the first thing we see in our cupboard. Some of us actually make an effort to look decent, even if it is just to get into bed. And some of us have a different ‘night suit’ that we wear at night to lounge at home and a different night suit that we actually sleep in. So let us talk about what your sleepwear style says about you.


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  1. You like to wear a solid matching night suit

You wake up on time, you sleep on time and you make sure you brush your teeth for two minutes every night. Getting a good night’s rest is one of the most important things in life, because you’ve probably got a really busy day planned. And what’s better than planning and coordination?

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  1. You’re all for stripes and other such horizontal lines

You like to have everything under control, sort of in symmetry. You don’t believe in any grey areas, life is either black or white. Or you at least wish it was just black and white. For you, business is business and pleasure is pleasure. There is no in between. And you are probably always checking off a mental to-do list!

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  1. Pinks, flowers and florals for life

Your clothes are traditionally feminine, and you’re a girly-girl at heart. If you open your wardrobe, about 50 per cent of it will have pink clothes. And that’s not a bad thing, after all ’On Wednesday we wear pink”. You are probably a big dreamer, but you also like to follow your dreams. If it’s pink and it has candy floss with unicorns and a bit of glitter – it is probably already in your closet!

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  1. Animals prints because you’re a wild sleeper

You believe in power naps just as much as any animal does. You love to lead and you’re a great leader. You always like to take big bold steps, even if you think thrice before taking those steps. You’re a little sweet, a little sarcastic and a lot sassy. You’re the lioness of the human, and animal, world.

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  1. Solids and basics all the way

You like things to be simple and classic. You’re a classy girl with a lot of chic. Bright statements and loud graphics aren’t your thing because all you need is your personality to make people turn around. You like your routine, even if others may call it a rut. And when it comes to fashion, basics are always classic.

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